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Q-Mark (ISO 9001)


Operating in an industry heavily reliant on natural resources, CLS has taken a proactive approach to conserving the environment.

Clean, green, white linen is our aim!

Laundering requires the consumption of large amounts of energy, water and chemicals.  However the CLS laundry plants are world-leading in reducing our environmental impact.  Here’s why…

Washing with less water

Expertly tuned Continuous Batch Washers use only 20% of the water that smaller scale Washer Extractors use, including your humble home or typical hotel washing machine.

Taking a further and unique step, the 3 x CBW’s CLS operates have closely guarded internal modifications that reduce fresh water consumption by a further 66% without the use of any external recycling systems.  CLS averages less than 3 litres of water per kilogram washed across our entire operation.  And no extra electricity is used to achieve this mark.

Less energy

A solar system at our Hervey Bay laundry offsets 20% of all power consumption.

Because of lower water usage, less gas is required to heat water to the same hygienic temperatures and all large-scale equipment has variable speed motors to reduce peak power consumption.

Cleaner sewers

Again because of the low water usage, chemical usage is reduced without diluting wash quality.  Less chems means water finally discharged to sewers is as clean as it can be.

By using our service, you are improving your “green” credentials regardless of your current practices or service provider.

clean sewers at the CLS laundry
washing with less water with CLS


Head Office:
+61 7 4124 2575

Sunshine Coast Distribution Centre:
+61 7 5449 9988

Gladstone Laundry:
+61 7 4972 2966

Mackay Distribution Centre:
+61 429 779 262

Cannonvale (Whitsundays) Laundry:
+61 7 4948 3311

Rockhampton Laundry:
+61 7 4922 3714

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Head Office:
87 Beach Rd, Hervey Bay QLD 4655

Sunshine Coast Distribution Centre:
8/100 Rene St, Noosaville QLD 4566

Gladstone Laundry:
13 Drewe St, Gladstone QLD 4680

Mackay Distribution Centre:
1/39 Margaret Vella Drive, Paget QLD 4740

Cannonvale (Whitsundays) Laundry:
38 – 40 Carlo Drive, Cannonvale QLD 4802

Rockhampton Laundry:
252 Denison Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700